Catherine Christo, Ph.D., LEP

Christo Educational Consulting

I provide the following services to schools, parents and professional communities: evaluation, consultation and professional development.


I provide “psycho-educational” evaluations to parents, schools or individuals who wish information regarding a student’s learning.  These services can also be provided to adults who suspect they may have a learning disability.  I provide evaluations primarily in the area of learning disabilities, attentional disorders, or giftedness. Each evaluation is unique and tailored to the identified needs of the student.  The focus of any evaluation is always to provide information that will be helpful to parents, school teams and the individual him or herself in understanding the unique needs of the client and in fostering learning.  Free consultations are provided prior to determining services needed. Fees are based on the extent of the evaluation agreed upon after the initial consultation.  


Consultation services may be provided to parents, schools or individuals.  Often parents or school teams may have sufficient data on a given student but need expert support in interpreting that data and understanding how to support the student.  I also consult with school teams on program design and implementation for particular students, primarily for students with reading disabilities.

Professional Development

Sharing current information on the identification and assessment of learning disabilities is important to me.  I am particularly interested in providing workshops related to reading assessment and intervention and to understanding and identifying dyslexia.  School personnel often do not have the time to review the latest research on their own.  As a former university instructor I strive to keep current on the latest developments in the areas of specific learning disability (particularly reading), assessment and intervention and share that information with other professionals in a way that makes it immediately applicable for them.